Corporate Patent Translation

Pitfalls of Corporate Patent Translation

Problems surrounding corporate patent translation have long challenged multinational enterprises.

On the one hand, translating corporate patents is essential to protecting an enterprise’s vital intellectual property (IP). Unfortunately, since there is no centralized global patent administrative body, corporate patents must be filed in multiple jurisdictions and in a daunting variety of languages.

On the other hand, professional translation of patents is an expensive and complex undertaking. It can eat into an enterprise’s budget, and coordinating the translation efforts of multiple law firms can consume an unacceptable amount of time and productivity.

Burdened Patent Budgets

With translation costs rising, enterprises often must either find ways to cut costs from the patent translation process or cut the number of filings for foreign patents. Since translation can account for almost 40% of prosecution costs, it devours the lion’s share of patent budgets.

Also, international translation services will often demand high fees. These are attributed to the increased sensitivity involved in translating IP documents and the rarity of translators possessing specialized technical knowledge, a factor that often proves necessary when translating the intricate legal and scientific materials involved in patent filing.

Complex and De-Centralized Patent Translation Methods

Enterprises often rely on outdated patent translation services. They hand over their corporate IP and other legal documents to foreign agents and other independent document translation services. But managing the efforts of numerous uncoordinated in-country law firms only adds to administrative overhead and increases the risk of errors.

MultiLing: Improving Patent Translation

Many enterprises have confronted these issues and performed case studies to identify these and other deficiencies found in the conventional patent translation services available. Such case studies have also identified best practices for translation efforts, and Fortune 500 powerhouses like IBM, Dell, and Procter & Gamble – all with countless international offices and enormous patent portfolios – discovered a translation company that utilizes those practices.

Reduce Your Costs and Risk, Double Your Patent Filings

Through MultiLing’s unique professional language translation model, we reduce the cost, complexity and risk associated with other patent translation services. In many cases, we have:

·         Doubled the number of international filings for our customers without increasing total spend

·         Shortened turnaround time by leveraging previous translations

·         Reduced risk of errors by streamlining translation processes

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