Foreign Language Translation Services

Multinational Enterprises Need a Foreign Language Translation Service

When the international marketplace is your destination, certain steps and precautions, including foreign language translation services, become necessary.

Patent applications need to be filed and validated by foreign patent offices, requiring extensive technical translations. Scientific materials, procedural manuals, legal contracts and website content all must be adapted to other languages, and more importantly, to other cultures.

Accurate translation services bring not only a wealth of linguistic understanding, but also distinguish themselves through an intimate knowledge of the nuances of the target language and culture.

Language Translation Services Open Doors to International Markets

Well-translated patent applications result in less cost and greater security when it comes to safeguarding valuable intellectual property. Accurate document translations can lead to the seamless training of international teams. And an enterprise’s target audience often appreciates – and respects – when an enterprise takes the time and effort to correctly translate marketing materials.

Unfortunately, not all document translation services apply best practices to their work. They don’t apply terminology management or employ translation teams with expertise extending beyond translation into the technical fields, expertise that proves invaluable when capturing the intricate nuances of the target language.

That is why many of the world’s largest patent-filers turn to MultiLing for foreign language translation. With its unique centralized model, MultiLing streamlines what would otherwise be an unwieldy and costly translation process, paring it down to a manageable, reliable service.

MultiLing: Key Elements of Translation Service Success

MultiLing’s successful language translation service relies on a few vital elements. These practices have enabled us to translate many of the world’s most important documents into over 80 language combinations. These elements of success include:

·         Centralized system. No matter how many translation projects you have, you will only have to correspond with one project manager.

·         Specialized translators. Our translation teams consist of world-class translators who also come equipped with graduate degrees in highly technical fields.

·         Advanced technology. We’ve invested millions into our terminology management software.

·         Quality standards. We adhere to the highest translation guidelines, and have even gone so far as to patent our own translation standards.

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MultiLing’s unbeatable foreign language translation services is the preferred choice for Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble and Dell. Our legal document translation services and corporate patent translation have established us as the leading international patent company. Discover more about us by requesting a free bid today.