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Science or Art? Accurate IP Translations Need Both, Says Coombs

Jeremy Coombs, senior vice president of operations at MultiLing, recently posted an article about the debate of science vs. art in IP translations on the GALA blog. “Is translation a creative process or simply the cold “one-to-one” transformation of words from one language to another? In my experience, art wins out in most debates,” wrote […]

Serving Up the Best Content for Translation

While everyone rushes to have valuable content to attract online business, the question of how to best prepare – or create – that content for translation is important to consider. EContent magazine addressed the topic in an article today by Michael LoPresti: Preparing Your Content for Machine Translation. Kevin Nelson, senior vice president of strategy and technology […]

MultiLing in the News: Legal Translations in Latin America

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) blog recently published an article by MultiLing’s director of business development in Latin America, Evelyn Paredes. In her article, “The Unique Challenges of Legal Translation in Latin America,” Paredes describes the growth of Pacific Alliance countries – Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico – and how an elimination in tariffs is simplifying […]

MultiLing in the News: Three Things You Need To Know About Taking Your Brand Global

MultiLing’s home in the Utah valley of the Wasatch Mountains is a hotbed of entrepreneurial growth. In fact, the latest issue of a regional business magazine, Utah Valley BusinessQ, highlights six local startups that have appeared on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank to attract investors to their companies. It’s perfect timing for MultiLing to share what companies need […]

Tips and Best Practices for Software Localization

Many companies seek to expand their business and provide software products for the worldwide market through localization n- translating or adapting a software product into different languages or for a specific country or region. Many localization attempts are met with frustration once the software is built: Text is garbled, fonts aren’t exact, encoding of exotic […]

2012: A Record Year for the EPO

The number of patent filings at the European Patent Office originating from the 38 EPO member states reached a new peak in 2012, beating the previous record set in 2008. “The growth of filings from European businesses is a clear indication that industry here has opted to innovate its way out of the economic crisis”, […]

Get in Touch with MultiLing

MultiLing’s sales team is massively expanding its activities on tradeshows, conferences and industry fairs all over the world. If you would like to get in personal contact with us, please check this event list for the nearest location. If you click on the desired entry, you will be directed to the corresponding website. Please contact […]

Is it Wise to Save Money on Translation?

In today’s video statement, Franz Kolb, Governor’s Office of Economic Development, speaks about cautions against cutting corners on translation services. This statement was recorded during MultiLing’s International Business Roundtable held August 7, 2012 in Utah. To see the video on youtube, just click on the screenshot.

Video: Do I Need to Localize Products When I Go International?

In Part 2 of our short video series that were produced during this years’ international business round table held at the new MultiLing offices in August, we would like to feature Dr. Alan Melby, Brigham Young University and American Translators Association. Alan discusses how to determine the best approach to product and brand localization. Please […]