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EP Validation Primer: A More Efficient Process for European Patents

MultiLing CEO Michael Sneddon recently authored an article for IP Frontline on how to best manage the patent application process for European patents using the European Patent Office (EPO) system. Filing a patent with the EPO is a unified first step, but then the approved application must also be validated in each member country where […]

Is “Good Enough” an Option for Translation Quality?

Jeremy Coombs, senior vice president of operations at MultiLing, shares new ideas on how to measure translation quality in a contributed column to IP Frontline. This leading IP portal helps the IP community share information and also provides original reporting on IP news each day. Read the complete article from Coombs here.  In his article, Coombs presents […]

MultiLing Leaders in the News

Have you noticed MultiLing in the media lately? In addition to articles in Risk Management Magazine and MultiLingual Magazine, Intellectual Property Magazine has recently published two articles bylined by MultiLing COO Lyle Ball. In the September issue, Lyle identified how one mistranslated word in a patent application can result in millions of dollars in lost […]

MultiLing’s Lyle Ball Authors for Intellectual Property Magazine

“One mistranslated word on a patent can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue for a single enterprise” writes Lyle Ball, Chief Operating Officer for MultiLing in a recent article on As an example, Lyle refers to a  German pesticide company, which applied for a patent in the US but instead missed out […]

Frontier Capital Completes Growth Investment in MultiLing

A few weeks ago, Frontier Capital has announced  its investment in MultiLing. A $10.3 million minority equity investment in MultiLing provides growth capital to support the company’s continued expansion. The company will continue to be led by Michael Sneddon, chief executive officer; Lyle Ball, chief operating officer; and Todd Rapier, executive vice president of sales. “MultiLing is a well-established […]

New GALA Article: Protecting IP in Asia

According to a recent report from the World Intellectual Property Association, China outpaced the United States in the number of patent applications received in 2011 (respectively 526,412 to 503,582), with Japan in third with 342,610 applications. In a recent article on the blog of  the Globalization and Localization Assosciation (GALA), MultiLing’s regional manager for Asia, […]

Patents and Clean Energy

Technology development and its rapid diffusion are considered crucial for tackling the climate change challenge. In particular, enhancing technology transfer towards developing countries has been an integral part of the global climate change regime since the inception of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Bali Action Plan reaffirmed its centrality, and […]

Happy Anniversary MultiLing! FORBES Features Company’s Quest for 100 Year Legacy

This week, MultiLing officially celebrates its 25th anniversary. contributor David K. Williams spoke with our chief operating officer Lyle Ball, who provided valuable insight on the 10 key steps that every company can use to put itself on the path of creating a level of success and a legacy that could last for even […]

German Industry Magazine Reports About Linport Project

In its current issue, German magazine “Technische Kommunikation” (technical communications) reports about MultiLing’s engagement in the Linport project. Linport – the Language Interoperability Portfolio Project – is an open, vendor-independent format that can be implemented by many different translation tools to package translation materials. With a large cash donation, a percentage of marketing support and […]

Germany’s Innovation Prize Dieselmedaille Has Announced 2012 Winners

On November 30, the hosts of the oldest German innovation prize, the Dieselmedaille, announced this year’s winners. The award, which is presented by the German Institute for Inventions and was co-founded in 1953 by Eugen Diesel, the son of the engine builder Rudolf Diesel, honors inventions and innovative companies that have successfully found their way […]