European Standard EN 15038:2006 Now Applies to All MultiLing Subsidiaries

MultiLing translation service provider Logo EN 15038 standardizationFew weeks ago we reported that MultiLing Germany was successfully audited pursuant to the Language Industry Certification System LICS® – a joint venture between AS+Certification, a subsidiary of the Austrian Standards Institute, and the International Network for Terminology – TermNet. MultiLing Germany is now a certified translation service provider according to the European standard prescribed for translation companies: the EN 15038:2006.

LICS has now audited MultiLing’s global business procedures and has certified MultiLing headquarters in the USA and all subsidiaries according to the EN 15038:2006 industry standard. In addition to the German office, MultiLing headquarters in Provo, Utah and offices in Japan, Korea, Peru and Italy are fully compliant with the standard.

EN 15038:2006 was developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to establish and define the requirements for the provision of quality services for translation service providers (TSPs). It replaces the old 2345 standard released in 1997. The standard encompasses the core translation process including commissioning, translation, proofreading, review, project management, quality control, traceability, and delivery. It helps describe and define the entire service and offers a set of procedures and best practices involved in all aspects of the translation process.