The Unique Challenges of Protecting Intellectual Property in Japan

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Over the last few years, patent filings in northeast Asia – specifically China, Japan and South Korea – have grown significantly – and it doesn’t look like a decrease is in sight. In fact, this growth has contributed to the strongest rate of global intellectual property (IP) growth in nearly two decades, according to the World Intellectual Property Indicators 2013. The State IP Office (SIPO) in China accounted for the largest number of applications received by any single IP office (652,777). Japan ranks second in applications received (342,796) with the Republic of Korea ranking fourth (188,915).

It’s no surprise then that MultiLing is seeing increased demand for IP translation and protecting intellectual property services across Asia. I sat down with my colleague, Adam Bigelow, who serves as the director of MultiLing’s Asia region, to discuss the unique set of challenges filing in these countries presents for both the translators and our enterprise clients. We spoke about Japan first, since this is where Bigelow is based. Our discussion on China and Korea will follow in the next few weeks.

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