International Translation Company

What can an International Translation Company do for you?

An international translation company clears the way for your enterprise to grow globally. Before embarking into new markets, your intellectual property (IP) needs to be patented and protected. Other corporate materials have to undergo a localization process so your enterprise’s staff can expand into other nations obstacle-free.

Make no mistake – growth is a sure sign of success. But growth can also introduce new pain points to your enterprise in addition to unforeseen complications. A reliable global translation company helps remove those pain points and ease the transition.

Bridging the Multinational Gap

Going multinational involves more than converting important documents and IP materials into another language. Translation becomes about more than just words. Bridging the gap also involves crossing cultures that add nuance to language.

Every industry comes with its own highly specialized language and terms. It’s not enough to exchange words from one language to the other. You need translators that are intimately familiar with your field of expertise, translators that see how the words fit together and how their meaning must be conveyed to other professionals who speak another language.

MultiLing’s Expert International Translation Teams

MultiLing has 20 years of experience in international translation, and our unique centralized model has served many Fortune 500 powerhouses. This model is built upon our highly specialized teams of translators, native speakers operating in their home countries.

Not only do those teams specialize in translation, they are also graduates with advanced degrees in a range of technical fields. That way we can ensure that every hand that touches your translation project is well-versed in the technical aspects of the language and understands its nuances.

Consistent Terminology Management

Enterprises that go global often have their eye on the markets in several countries. Unfortunately, most translation services lack a centralized terminology management system that extends across countries and languages. This often results in costly errors and omissions in translated documents.

In this regard, MultiLing is light-years ahead of the competition. Our terminology management teams coordinate the creation of dictionaries, glossaries and terminology databases that are edited, reviewed, and updated on a consistent basis. These databases are then coordinated through MultiLing’s advanced technology, ensuring quality and expense control, as well as cutting turnaround time.

For Advanced International Translation Services, Request a Bid from MultiLing

MultiLing is the international translation company that raises the bar for the rest of the industry. No other IP translation company can provide our combination of IP translation expertise, global connections, highly skilled staff and advanced technology in order to optimize your commercial patent translation. Contact us and request a bid today.