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Tips and Best Practices for Software Localization

Many companies seek to expand their business and provide software products for the worldwide market through localization n- translating or adapting a software product into different languages or for a specific country or region. Many localization attempts are met with frustration once the software is built: Text is garbled, fonts aren’t exact, encoding of exotic […]

EPO Announces Addition of Six New Languages to Patent Translate

In a move to further improve multilingual access to information contained in patent documents, the European Patent Office (EPO) now made another set of European languages available in its free machine translation service Patent Translate. With the addition of Bulgarian, Czech, Icelandic, Romanian, Slovak and Slovenian, the service now offers on-the-fly-translation from and into English for […]

Get in Touch with MultiLing

MultiLing’s sales team is massively expanding its activities on tradeshows, conferences and industry fairs all over the world. If you would like to get in personal contact with us, please check this event list for the nearest location. If you click on the desired entry, you will be directed to the corresponding website. Please contact […]

New Approach in Managing Translations: The Linport Project

Thanks to some help from MultiLIng, the translation industry is another step closer to simplifying and standardizing a key part of the translation process: translation package compatibility and high overhead involved in the translation project. In the July/August issue of MultiLingual, Brian Chandler, MultiLing’s executive VP of business development and technolog, co-authored an article describing […]